Stem Cell Culture & Liposome

Incorporating Stem Cell Culture Fluid & Liposome

Going beyond APMG, Serumière™ was enriched by incorporating stem cell culture fluid, a substance known for its role in cell regeneration. This addition elevates Serumière™ to a comprehensive skincare solution, harmonizing gene expression inhibition, advanced liposome technology, and the regenerative properties of stem cell culture fluid.

Our developments in collaboration with a national university's stem cell research institute not only validates the product's efficacy but also highlights our commitment to leveraging the forefront of scientific innovation in skincare

Overcoming Solubility Issues and Validating the Efficacy of Liposomes Due to its hydrophilic nature, APMG faced challenges penetrating the basal layer of the epidermis.
To address this, APMG was formulated into liposomal form to enhance skin penetration.
Through research focusing on reducing APMG to nano-size, the efficacy of APMG was demonstrated.

A highly penetrative liposomal formula was developed, incorporating substances with antioxidant effects to prevent skin aging and pigment deposition.