Skin Regeneration

Excellent regeneration
post-dermatological procedures

The groundbreaking efficacy of Serumière™ is achieved through a harmonious combination of various elements. Firstly,
the inclusion of stem cell culture fluid aids in skin regeneration and recovery.
Stem cells play a pivotal role in generating new cells and maintaining the structural integrity of the skin,
thus essential for rapid wound healing and skin restoration post-surgery. Additionally, the components in liposomal form,
including APMG, enhance skin penetration, effectively targeting cells within the skin.

Moreover, Serumière™ contains compounds that inhibit the expression of the DKK-1 gene. DKK-1, a protein expressed in the skin,
its inhibition promotes skin regeneration and turnover. The synergistic blend of these diverse ingredients results in Serumière™'s
exceptional ability to deeply protect and rejuvenate the skin.

Therefore, Serumière™ offers remarkable benefits for post-surgical recovery, enabling swift wound healing and skin restoration.
This capability aids in promptly healing wounds and restoring the skin to its optimal condition.